Do you allow us to choose which wineries we visit? Yes,  we try to accommodate request for the style of wine or a particular winery to visit.  Our goal is to provide a unique wine tasting experience for every guest.  The best way to have the freedom of choosing every winery is to book a private charter.

Can we bring our own food or wine on the tour? Yes and no. You may bring your own snacks or food to eat at the winery, but you cannot bring your wine or other alcoholic beverages to the wineries.  This would violate the ABC licence which the wineries operate under.  In the vans we allow lite snacks and water, but cannot allow alcohol consumption on board while we are driving.

Where to you pick up? We are a door to door service, we pick you up at your accommodations, whether it's a hotel, private residence or vacation rental.  Pick up and return in the Santa Ynez, Solvang, Buellton and Lompoc region is included.  Additional pick up charges may apply for outside the area (per group, not per person) as follows:

Santa Barbara - $45 (per group)
Carpenteria - $50 (per group)

What time will you pick us up?  Generally from the Santa Barbara area, our pickup windows is between 10:00 and 10:30 AM,  The time will depend on how many other guest we are also picking up that morning.  If you are staying in the Santa Ynez, Buellton or Lompoc areas the pickup times may vary from 10:30 and 11:00.  We will contact you with a more specific time.  The tours usually ends between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.  (We don't turn into pumpkins at 5, so we can be persuaded to stay out longer.)

Do you charge a mandatory gratuity?  No, however our guides work very hard to ensure your day is unique and memorable.  If you really enjoyed the experience there is no better way to show your appreciation than to offer a tip to your guide. 

Are there any other fees?  There is a 6%  processing fee added when using our on-line booking program.

Do you still operate tour if it is raining?  Yes, the wineries for the most part are all indoors. We will have umbrellas available so our guests can walk from the vans to the winery in comfort.  Our picnic lunch locations may change, but we will make every effort to find a dry, fun location to enjoy our lunch.